Kiramekinotori – the thick Toripaitan bowl peculiar to Kyoto

Kiramekinotori, which is located by Kawaramachi Marutamachi intersection southwest of Kyoto Gosho (Kyoto Imperial Palace), is a popular shop that serves Toripaitan ramen. Kiramekinotori had been a branch store of “Ginjo ramen Kubota”, famous for Tsukemen (cold Chinese noodles accompanied by soup for dipping), but it reopened in April 2013 after being remodeled as a shop that serves Toripaitan ramen.

I arrived at the shop shortly before 1 p.m. on Saturday. I didn’t see a line outside the shop, but I entered to find about six customers waiting. The exterior is very stylish as you can see, so Kiramekinotori seems to be an airy shop for ladies and families.

I felt like eating “Niboshi Toripaitan ramen (a soup based on dried sardines and chicken), and “Mazesoba Naotaro”, but still I ordered “Toripaitan ramen (750yen)”, highlighted as a special by the red label on the button of the ticket-vending machine.

Cooking Momiji (a part between a chicken leg and foot), chicken legs, chicken skin based on regional chicken bones for some days, the ramen chef makes the soup. Its taste is oozy and thick, but mild without any stinks. You can have a sophisticated and plain Toripaitan bowl.

The homemade noodles are mainly made from home-grown wheat from Nagano, blended with wheat from Hokkaido and Australia. As no food preservatives are used, the noodles keep for only four days in the refrigerator. Therefore you can taste fresh thin noodles.
When I slurped the bowl, the chewy straight noodles matched with creamy Toripaitan soup and “Kujyonegi (a kind of welsh onion representing Japan). The taste was similar to that of “Tenka-ippin”. I recommend this with confidence. Fans of “Tenka-ippin” should choose it. I’ll try “Niboshi Toripaitan ramen (a bowl based on dried sardines and chicken soup)” next time.

Near Kiramekinotori is “Pakuchi”, a Thai food restaurant I’ve long wanted to visit. The appearances look like those of the cheap, local eating places in Bangkok City, so you can feel as if you were wandering on Khaosan road. Try if you have an extra space in your stomach after ramen. (Translated by Daisuke Miyatori)


  • Menu
    Toripaitan ramen(鶏白湯らーめん、並:Standard size) ¥750、Niboshi Toripaitan ramen(にぼし鶏白湯らーめん、並:Standerd size) ¥750、Mazesoba Naotaro(まぜそば直太朗、小:Small, 並:Middle, 大:Large)¥750、Mazesoba Naotaro(まぜそば直太朗、特:Special size, メガ:Mega size, ギガ:Giga size)¥850 etc.
  • Address
    Nagata building 1F, 281, Demizucho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto
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I live in Kyoto. I hope to let you know about Japanese ramen. So, I intend to introduce the delicious ramen shops to you.

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