Bazoku – which serves sesame tantanmen featuring chewy hand-made noodles

Bazoku is located in front of Nippori Station. I knew of the shop because its sign was conspicuous, but I was surprised to find its word-of-mouth reputation on the Internet. The shop is especially famous for tantanmen (Sichuan Sesame Hot Noodles) and it is said that there are no lovers of the dish who don’t know the shop. I loved tantanmen and knew the shop by name, but regretfully I didn’t eat there. So I went there straightaway.

The shop features hand-made noodles, which you can see from its name meaning Chinese hand-made noodles. You can see the staff making noodles through the front window.

There were attractive dishes such as tsukemen (cold Chinese noodles accompanied by soup for dipping), champon (a dish of noodles with vegetables, seafood, etc), and yakisoba (chow mein). Though all of them made me feel that the shop was particular about noodles, first of all I ordered tantanmen. You can see it in the picture below.

In the picture above, you can see dark green spinach standing out in the dark soup based on sesame. To begin with, I tried tasting the soup to know how spicy it was. But unexpectedly, it was not warm or spicy. I didn’t care about the spiciness, because the taste sensation varies from person to person. On the other hand, I felt unsatisfied with the tepidness. However, when I bit the noodles thinking the shop might be a disappointment, I was surprised that the noodles were very chewy and delicious.

I felt so satisfied with the hand-made noodles that I forgot the tepidness of the soup. They were both tender and chewy, similar to ramen or udon (wheat noodles). It is often said that soup can make ramen and that noodles can make tsukemen, which isn’t true of the ramen here. The decisive factor is surely noodles here. I regretted underestimating hand-made noodles. I liked the shop instantly. Personally, I was glad that boxed tissues were placed where they were easy for customers to pull out.

I heard later that you can order spicier tantanmen. I want to degust the spicier one next time. (Translated by Daisuke Miyatori)


  • Menu
    Tantanmen(担々麺)¥800、Ramen(拉麺)¥650 etc.
  • Address
    2-18-2, Nishinippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
  • Nearest Station
  • Opening Hours
    11:00-23:30(Mon-Sat),11:00-22:30( and National Holidays)
  • Map





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