Chuka Soba Hanakyo – a tonkotsu ramen shop popular at Kyobashi of the Osaka City [Closed]

Chuka Soba Hanakyo is located among eating houses, three minutes’ walk from JR Kyobashi Station. The shop has only counter seats, so you eat close to each other. It’s like a mobile ramen stall. The shop’s signature is “Kotteri Seabura Chuka Soba (Chinese noodles with thick pork-back fat based on pork soup)”. *Chuka Soba Hanakyo was closed on March 30, 2017 and moved to the front of JR Taisho station.

Kyobashi is really my memorable town where I spent my high school days. Moreover, the translator of this manuscript is my high school classmate. In those days, he and I would often make merry at this town like adults.

That aside, let’s return to the topic. Kyobashi, one of the famous entertainment districts in Osaka, has had numerous ramen shops for many years. But when I was a high school student, I couldn’t find delicious ramen shops anywhere. So I concluded at the age of 17 that it was no use trying to find delicious ramen shops at Kyobashi. After that, I didn’t feel like visiting any ramen shops at Kyobashi even if I heard that a delicious one opened.

However, when I was invited to the wedding of my high school classmate recently, I talked about ramen shops at Kyobashi with my former teacher and friend present there. The teacher told me to visit Chuka Soba Hanakyo because it was really delicious. That was the reputed shop I had been turning my back on for decades. After a few days, I visited it on his recommendation.

I ordered the signature, “Kotteri Seabura Chuka Soba”. When you order here, you can choose normal noodles, or thin noodles like Kyushu Hakata noodles. And you can also order kaedama (an extra serving of noodles), most common with Hakata ramen shops. Then, needless to say, I chose thin noodles and requested them to be boiled a little hard.

After a five-minute wait, the bowl was served in front of me. I found a bit of seabura (pork-back fat) floating on the surface of the clouded tonkotsu (pork-based) soup. The soup was robust, little stinky, and very mild. Seabura created a sense of moderate thickness.

When I picked the roasted pork fillet up with chopsticks, it was so tender that it melted in my mouth right away. As it contains a good flavor of pork, it is one way to flake and dissolve it in the soup.

The thin noodles often used in Hakata ramen matched with tonkotsu soup. After only a few bites, I found the reputation was right. Of course I ordered kaedama.

When I casually looked around the shop, some tipsy customers were slurping a bowl in high glee, and other regulars were having a light conversation with the owner. The shop isn’t so stylish as modern ramen shops, but the common atmosphere is really good.

Assari Torigara Chuka Soba (Chinese noodles based on plain chicken soup)” is also on the menu. I left the shop, thinking that I would order the bowl next time. (Translated by Daisuke Miyatori)


  • Menu
    Kotteri Seabura Chuka Soba(こってり背脂中華そば) ¥650, Assari Torigara Chuka Soba(あっさり鶏がら中華そば) ¥650, Kaedama(替え玉) ¥120 etc.
  • Address
    3-10-4, Higashinodacho, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka
  • Nearest Station
  • Opening Hours
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I live in Kyoto. I hope to let you know about Japanese ramen. So, I intend to introduce the delicious ramen shops to you.

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