GANCON NOODLE – a prestigious ramen shop at Komagome, Tokyo that has both popularity and real ability – continues to improve.

GANCON NOODLE may be now the most popular ramen shop at Komagome, a ramen battle ground. The shop is located at a corner on Azalea Street, which is so deserted that you can’t see it as a shopping street in front of a station of the JR Yamanote Line.

The building tenanted by the shop was once an unlucky place where a lot of ramen shops repeatedly opened and closed. Though some high-level ramen shops such as Zetton, Rindaman and Toshiki closed, GANCON NOODLE has been serving ramen for more than two years in spite of the adverse situation. It has not only survived but also won enough popularity to get the 2014 best ramen award given by Taberogu, which is the most famous Japanese review site of eating houses. As an inhabitant of the town, I am very impressed by the fact that it is so successful that there are people who get off at Komagome Station in order to eat there.

The owner, who stopped the streak of losses, has a career as a ramen writer who has reported more than one thousand prestigious shops. The blog of the shop says that they have a costly water purifier. Thanks to it, they can completely get rid of water impurities and serve soup that brings out the flavor of the raw ingredients. In contrast to its Asian-style appearance, its ramen is really orthodox.

The picture above is a basic menu, soy sauce ramen topped with a flavored egg. The Daisen chicken-based soup flavored with four kinds of soy sauce is plain and mild. The fermented and seasoned bamboo shoots are uncolored and the noodles have no additives.

And this one above is salt ramen. This is flavored with salted shrimps and shrimp oil. As I ordered all toppings on it, it had roasted pork fillets not only of a pork stir-fry but also of a butt. As I like spice, I wanted to sprinkle red peppers over it. But I couldn’t ask the owner to bring me them because if I did so, I felt it would be blasphemy against their unique ramen.

This prestigious shop offers the season-limited menus one after another and doesn’t stop improving. I want it to be open for long. (Translated by Daisuke Miyatori)


  • Menu
    Soy-sauce-flavored Ramen Noodles (shouyu ramen) ¥720, GANCON ramen (with the works) ¥950, Shrimp salt ramen (ebishio ramen) ¥750… and more
  • Address
    1-3-3, Nakazato, Kita-ku, Tokyo
  • Nearest Station
    Komagome (Yamanote and Tokyo Metro Nanboku lines)
  • Opening Hours
    11:00am – 9:00pm
    *Closed on Monday, 1st & 3rd Thursday every month (except for National Holidays on Monday, in which case the shop is open on the holiday and closed the following Tuesday instead)
  • Map
    東京都北区中里1-3-3 板橋ビル101





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