Koryumas (in Sakuranomiya, Osaka) – thick and creamy toripaitan ramen the owner makes in the spirit of Omotenashi (hospitality)

Koryumas is two-minute walk to the east from Sakuranomiya station of the JR Osaka Loop Line. It features the cloudy soup including plenty of pig hide collagen.

Koryumas is so famous that there are no ramen fans in Osaka that don’t know it. After the owner worked as a TV cameraman, he made his original ramen by himself and opened the shop in 2006. Probably because he has such a unique background, the atmosphere of the shop is different from that of other ramen shops.

The owner seems silent, but in fact he cheerfully communicates with the customers with a gentle smile. The counter and the pillars are made of plain wood and there are clean cooking tools placed in order in the kitchen. And on the wall of the kitchen is displayed a carefully sharpened Japanese knife. Seeing them, you can be sure that you will eat delicious ramen before you eat.

According to the information about the shop, the owner makes the cloudy soup by carefully boiling pig hides and the whole chicken the whole day instead of pork bone and lard. Then he adds the special soy sauce to the soup. I hear he makes the special soy sauce by blending sashimi soy sauce of “Nihon Maruten Shoyu”, which is an old soy sauce maker established in 1795, with soy sauce of “Kikkoman”, which is a worldwide soy sauce maker. Awesome! It sounds so good that my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

The menu lists simply two dishes, ramen (shio-ni-buta) and special ramen (mikawa-mochibuta-honkaku-ishigama-chashu). When I visited the shop, regrettably the latter was sold out, so I ordered the former.

After I ordered the bowl, the owner began to cook as if he were a skillful craftsperson. First as soon as he placed a bowl in front of me, he poured boiling water to warm it. Second he added the special soy sauce and the cloudy soup to it. Third he speedily dished up noodles and ingredients (fermented and seasoned bamboo shoots, boiled pork fillets and welsh onions). The scene was as if I was watching “IRON CHEF”, which was a TV show broadcast in Japan between 1993 and 1999. I think it is worth only seeing. The ramen he finally served is shown in the picture below. How wonderful!

The cloudy soup including plenty of pig hide collagen is very thick and best described as creamy. But when you take a sip of it, you will find that it is thick but unexpectedly plain. The low hydrolysis noodles are straight and thin. They are boiled hard and matched with the soup. When you take a bite of them, you’ll feel that they are moderately chewy and very delicious. The ingredients are crisp welsh onions, very thick fermented and seasoned bamboo shoots, and thickly sliced boiled pork fillets preserved in salt. All of them go perfectly with the soup.

The owner says that if you add a fragment of complimentary grated garlic to the soup, the bowl will be extremely delicious. If you don’t need to care about whether you are emitting garlicky odor afterward, let’s trust him and do so.

Koryumas is closed on Saturdays and Sundays and salaried people working on weekdays can’t easily make time for eating there. But if you are scheduled to visit Osaka on weekdays and want to eat toripaitan ramen, I truly recommend the shop.

Talking of Sakuranomiya, its roads along the banks are spots for cherry blossom viewing in spring. If you do some sightseeing in Osaka in spring, how about going there together with Koryumas? (Translated by Daisuke Miyatori)


  • Menu
    Ramen (shio-ni-buta) :¥700
    Special ramen (mikawa-mochibuta-honkaku-ishigama-chashu):¥900
    Tsukemen (limited time only menu) :¥800 … and more
  • Address
    5-9-5, Nakanocho, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka
  • Nearest Station
    Sakuranomiya (JR Osaka Loop Line)
  • Opening Hours
    11:30 to 13:30 (Mon – Fri)
    18:00 to 20:00 (Mon – Fri)
    *Closed on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Map





I live in Kyoto. I hope to let you know about Japanese ramen. So, I intend to introduce the delicious ramen shops to you.

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