Strike Ken (in Temma, Osaka) – serving soy sauce ramen and toripaitan ramen. Enjoy the two tastes in Osaka!

The shop is located as a popular shop at Nakazaki-cho, Temma area, which is the most terrific ramen battleground.

As you can see from the shop name, the shop has two kinds of ramen, fastball and sinker.  They are named after the types of pitch in baseball.

The straight (fastball) is Chinese noodles based on plain soy sauce. (the picture above)  The menu has the concept that the owner aims at the middle of the strike zone, which means he aims at the taste everyone thinks is good.  The bowl has orthodox toppings such as chashu (roast pork), mianma (bamboo shoots), kamaboko with a spiral whirlpool-like pattern, spinach, white green onion and nori (seaweed).

It matches well straight noodles Mikawaya Seimen, a noodle maker in Tokyo makes. The finished product is an old style of soy sauce ramen you can eat at a ramen shop in an old town of Tokyo.

And the sinker is toripaitan (whitish chicken-bone soup) ramen based on dried seafood.The owner gives variety to creamy toripaitan by adding clams and scallop.  The taste is very mild because it has umami of chicken and shellfish stock.  Tori chashu (roast chicken) for a topping isn’t fatty and matches well the soup.The noodles are provided by Menyateigaku, which provides noodles for Menya Gokkei and Kobushi Ramen in Kyoto. They match well creamy toripaitan soup like an exquisite combination infielders show in a good teamwork play.

The two names with strong characters are written on the menu, which is a convincing line-up best described as double aces.


  • Menu
    Straight (fastball) : medium ¥780
    Sinker : medium ¥830 … and more
  • Address
    5-8-8, Tenjimbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka
  • Nearest Station
    Tenjimbashisuji 6-chome (Osaka Municipal Subway)
    Temma (JR)
  • Opening Hours
    11:00am to 23:00pm (The store will be closed as soon as the soup runs out)
    *Closed on Monday.
  • Map





I live in Kyoto. I hope to let you know about Japanese ramen. So, I intend to introduce the delicious ramen shops to you.

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