Kobushi Ramen (Kyoto Station, Tambaguchi) – How about visiting it together with the Kyoto Railway Museum?

The “Kyoto Railway Museum”, which was opened in Kyoto city in April 2016, is a new sightseeing spot.  It is located about 10 minutes on foot from Kyoto station, and many people visit it on holidays.  Opposite its entrance gate, there is a ramen shop which is very popular in Kyoto.  That is “Kobushi Ramen”.

“Kobushi Ramen” is one of the best ramen shops in Kyoto city and has various menus. There are three popular dishes in the menu. Two of them are Koi (soy sauce & fish soup) and Awa (light soy sauce & fish soup), which are seasoned with soy sauce based on seafood. The other is toripaitan noodles (ramen based on chicken). In addition, you can enjoy a today’s special and a limited-time menu such as oil soba sold in a particular season and spicy tantan noodle without soup.

Among the attractive menus, the one I ordered is ” Chicken wing soup (¥ 850)” (the picture below).

The pink chashu salted in an iron pot (rare chashu) increases your appetite. The shop made the toripaitan soup by taking the stock from the chicken wing. The thick flavor of the chicken is confined in the soup by the oil covering the surface.

Noodles are soft, but elastic, so they have a very strange texture.  Its identity is in custome-made noodles called “wing slim noodles”, which were developed by a noodles shop “Menya Teigaku” (a traditional Kyoto noodles shop).  Unlike common noodles, the cross section is Y-shaped when you look at them closely. Do you notice it? (the picture below).

When you finish eating, the word “Thank you” appears inside the bowl. Thank you for the meal!

Incidentally, the “Kyoto Railway Museum” displays about 50 or more real vehicles from steam locomotive to Shinkansen. The diorama exhibits are spectacular and perfect. You can also experience a real train simulator. You can learn the railroad history of not only Japan but also the world, so adults as well as children can enjoy there.

In addition, speaking of another tourist attraction near “Kobushi Ramen”, “Shimabara” is a famous place located 200 meters on foot north of the shop. This place was called “Kagai” (a red-light district), which was said to be the best in Japan alongside “Yoshiwara”, which was near Asakusa in Edo (now Tokyo) in the Edo period (1603 – 1868).

There are still some traditional residences around here. One of them “Sumiya” is now an art museum and you can visit precious buildings and gardens.

Please visit it with “Kobushi Ramen”. It is recommended! (Translated by Daisuke Miyatori)


  • Menu
    Koi (soy sauce & fish soup) : ¥750
    Awa (light soy sauce & fish soup) : ¥750
    Chicken wing soup : ¥850
    Soup – less Oil Noodles : ¥650
    Spicy tantan noodle without soup : ¥850
    Lobster & Soy bean paste soup : ¥1,000 …他
  • Address
    1-16 Sujakushokai-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
  • Nearest Station
    Tambaguchi Station (JR San’in Main Line)
    Kyoto Station (JR, Kintetsu railway)
  • Opening Hours
    11:30am to 14:30pm
    18:00pm to 22:00pm
    *Closed on Wednesday
  • Map





I live in Kyoto. I hope to let you know about Japanese ramen. So, I intend to introduce the delicious ramen shops to you.

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