We want to introduce good ramen shops to those of you who travel in Japan.

We started this ramen blog, “findramen”, from such a simple hope.

We write about not only famous shops listed in guidebooks, but also shops unfamiliar to travelers and reputed shops among Japanese ramen fans. Moreover, we also give you small tips such as tourist information around ramen shops.

We, who love ramen, write manuscripts and translate them. We update the information one by one, looking forward to a wonderful encounter with a delicious bowl.

You should visit us and gather useful information if you are planning to visit Japan or if you are traveling in Japan. We are sure that you can find new information about delicious shops whenever you have a look at our website, because it’s a ramen kind of day in Japan every day.

Okay then, have a nice trip !!

From all of us in the findramen project.